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Group Swim Classes

New this fall to Diver's Destination is our fall group swim classes!
Don't let kids forget everything they have learned this summer! Our group classes are the perfect way to keep kids swim skills fresh from summer to summer!

Class Descriptions:

Mommy & Me- This class is perfect for young children to become accustomed to the water. Basic water skills are emphasized in a fun and exciting environment for both mom and baby! Skills taught include floating, kicking, turning over, and much more! (Mom or Dad is welcome to accompany children in class!).
Ages 6 months to 2 years

Tadpoles- This class works on beginner swim skills. Students will work on kicking, arms, and bubbles with emphasis on water safety such as safely entering and exiting water.

Guppies- This class works on students’ ability to swim independently. Students will continue with basic swim skills such as bubble blowing and kick styles and continue through basic strokes.
Ages: 4 years- 5 years

Dolphins- This class will cover a more advanced skill set. This class will build on basic swim skills and fine tune students strokes. It will also introduce diving and treading water.
Ages 6 years- 7 years

Sharks- This class is our most advanced swim class. Students will work on more advance strokes such as breaststroke and butterfly and work on swimming long distances.
Ages 8 years -9 years

**Students can advance past their age group if advanced skill set is demonstrated. All class transfers are pending instructor approval.