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Diving Trips

Barbados April 7 - 14, 2018 - Join us this year for our excursion to the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados! We will be diving the pristine tropical environment dominated by a plethora of marine wildlife! The list includes 4 species of sea turtles (Hawksbill, loggerhead, leatherback, and green), several shark species, dolphins, eels, rays, countless fish species as well as an incredible reef system that would leave even well-traveled divers with a lifetime of memories! Non-divers also have lots to explore on the island from exquisite beaches to flower-filled forests. Find Out More

Roatan, Honduras - 2018 - Join us on our annual trip to Roatan Honduras. This eight day, seven night trip offers the unique opportunity to explore some of the best diving in the Caribbean!Find Out More

Before You Leave

Before leaving for you exciting vacation with Diver's Destination, please consider the following:

Scuba Diving Insurance

Diver Alert Network (DAN) provides scuba diving medical insurance for divers incase an incident occurs. Many normal health insurance pans do not cover diving related incidents, which can be quite expensive. In the unlikely event that an incident occurs, DAN provides an abundance of assistance and benefits for members. We strongly recommend purchasing the package of your choice for all who are diving with MBRC.

Click here to visit their website to view their insurance packages.

Travel Insurance:

Travel insurance is important for any trip, including your trip with Diver's Destination. In case of an emergency, illness, lost luggage, or other trip interferences, travel insurance will insure you do not lose the entirety of the investment in the trip. Diver's Destination uses CSA Travel Insurance and travelers with Diver's Destination receive a reduced rate.

Click here to purchase CSA Travel Insurance. Enter this producer code to receive a reduced rate: 82635027.