Integrated Calendar

Selling Events through your Website has Never Been Easier.

In BikeShop360, you can create Classes, Trips and Events as Point-of-Sale inventory items.

When creating your event, you will assign descriptions, quantities, dates, pricing and deposit requirements.

As you create your events, you can also add images to your descriptions with a simple upload tool, allowing you to create a dynamic sales pitch page all in one simple step.

Once your events are created in your POS system, you can now sell those events in-store or through your website.

To sell an event through your website, you will simply turn on a feature called “Website Visibility” for that event in your POS system. Once on, your event will display on your website in a user-friendly calendar view.

Customers visiting your website can click on your calendar link to view your upcoming courses, trips and events. They can also click on any event link to view a full-page description of complete event details, dates, pricing and images.

Since each event is linked with your POS system, the total number of available spaces for each event will always be clearly displayed on your POS and on your website.

With an integrated shopping cart, your customer can select which events they want to enroll in, and securely check-out and pay through your secure website shopping cart.

Once the payment process is complete, your course roster or travel manifest will automatically be updated to include your recent customer purchase. The number of available spots for that event will also adjust automatically, so you never have to worry about accidentally overselling an event.