Integrated Email Marketing

BikeShop360 is not only designed to help automate your business, it is also designed to help you automate your marketing efforts.

We have integrated an Email Marketing Platform directly into the BikeShop360 Point-of-Sale system, allowing you to easily create and send marketing emails to your customer database.

The BikeShop360 Email Platform is designed for 2 specific purposes.

  1. Automated, informational communications
  2. Promotional communications

Automated, Informational Communications:

These are rule based communications that are sent to your customer database when specific conditions that you have set in the system are triggered. Some examples of Informational Communications are:

  • Email Receipts sent when a POS or Website purchase is made
  • A reminder email to all customers that have enrolled for an upcoming event or course
  • A monthly promotional email that goes to all customers who have purchased product A, so would likely be interested in add-on product B.

Promotional Communications:

These are email campaigns that you typically set up for a short-term promotion or sale, and send to your entire customer base or a target segment of your customer base. Some examples of Promotional Communications are:

  • An upcoming Black Friday Promotion
  • Your Bi-Annual Tent Sale promotion
  • A blowout promotion for discontinued items, or year-end sale

The BikeShop360 Email Platform is user friendly and easy to use. We have provided simple editors that you can use to input and save simple text templates, or high-impact templates with images, text and links. Once you create a template, simply name it and save it for immediate or future use.