Pre-Loaded Vendor Catalogs

At its core, BikeShop360 is a robust Point-of-Sale system. However, BikeShop360 is so much more…

BikeShop360 works directly with manufacturers to gather and maintain current vendor catalogs that include product descriptions, pricing and images as available.

BikeShop360 then loads those catalogs into our Catalog Library, which is linked to your BikeShop360 account.

From your BikeShop360 Back Office, you select the Catalogs that you want to populate within your account.

Products from your selected catalogs will be available as inventory items in your POS system. You can now start selling those products in-store or at a trade show.

You can also indicate which items from your inventory you would like to display on your e-commerce website by simply turning the product display switch to “on” for any specific product or group of products. Your e-commerce site will automatically display the product descriptions, images and MAP enforced pricing for each product. With a shopping cart included, your e-commerce site is truly turn-key.

When new catalogs are released with updated pricing, new pricing tiers, new and discontinued products, your inventory is automatically updated without any action or effort required on your part.

Link the E-Commerce Shopping cart to your existing website using our plug-in tools, or, we can build you a new custom e-commerce website site with built in e-commerce and calendar that sync with your POS account. Our custom-built websites come with an administrative back-end that allows you to easily manage your own website content, saving you thousands on webmaster expenses annually.