BikeShop360 DEMO Request

  • How do I Request a Demo?
    • Complete the Demo Request form below and submit.
    • After submitting your DEMO request, you will be asked to select a date and time that works best for your schedule.
  • How Does the Demo Process Work?
    • Prior to your scheduled DEMO date, you will receive an email confirmation and link to your scheduled meeting.
    • At the time of your scheduled Demo, simply click the meeting link from any computer with an internet connection.
    • You will join a "Screen Share" session, and your 360 consultant will walk you through a DEMO of the 360 system.
    • During the Demo, your 360 consultant will address any questions you have, and will tailor your Demo to meet your needs.
  • How Long Does a Demo Take?
    • A complete Demo typically takes about 1 hour, but can be abbreviated or extended as needed.

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